steven voss paintings
I don't think I crossed the river South until I was well into my teens but it's long been home.

A number of these pictures were exhibited at a solo show:

Wild & Lees
2 Half Moon Lane

June - August 2018


Herne Hill bridge

From platform 1 - pastel

Behind the wall

Paved over paradise

Parlour window

Yellow tree

velodrome triptych 1

Velodrome triptych 3

Velodrome triptych 2

Brockwell house

Past present and future - London roof tops

Toward Milkwood

Brockwell dawn

The walled garden

Railton Rd

Brockwell park - North , City sunrise

Brockwell park - South

Grand Arches

Herne Hill beach

Back of Half Moon - collage

Back of Half Moon

Garden 3
Previous Room