steven voss paintings
Chinese whispers

Show opens 1st April through end June 2021   (Last day 25th June)

Wild + Lees
2 Half Moon Lane

Each painting is a ' whisper' of it's partner, each a mirror of itself. When one is painted, a second 'mirror' version comes to life, reflecting a world of inverted colours. It's a process that could continue ad infinitum, with each new generation, slightly different and each further from the original.

Created in lockdown, this series plays with the perception of colour, reflecting the dance between light and dark, positive and negative.

Highlighting the awareness of nature and life around us, we witness the unfurling leaves, and move with them through the dance of the seasons.

Colour itself can be seen as both temporal and subjective.  Temporal in the nature of plants, as their life cycle guides them through variant colour states, and subjective, as we view them through our individual light spectrum and personal narratives. 

A catalogue of the show will be on sale @Wild+ Lees priced 5.00. All proceeds to Brixton& Norwood foodbank

 I hope you enjoy the exhibition -  Steven Voss


Plentifora in blue


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